The Ultimate Guide to Getting Sky-High Conversions From Twitter Ads

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    It’s a terrifying question, but an important one. Turns out that everyone (including you) wants to get more conversions from a Twitter ad campaign.You spent countless hours writing lead magnets , creating landing pages and sales pages, and then later you set up a Twitter ad campaign to get some traffic.

    While running ads is a great way to get some quick exposure, Twitter is a different ad platform. If you don’t understand the way it works, you might be wasting your money as well.

    In today’s post I’ll be sharing some killer tips and resources to get sky-high conversions from Twitter.

    So, would you like to know how to advertise on Twitter?

    How about more advanced approaches to getting more followers, more leads, and more customers for your business?

    But let me make it clear…

    If there are secrets or special formulas that can magically unlock the power of Twitter advertising out there, I don’t know them.

    What I do know is exactly what the experts are doing — day in and day out.

    And now, you will too.

    But first let’s take a look at why you should invest in Twitter ads.

    Why You Should Invest in Paid Twitter Ads
    Twitter is a great social media channel for marketers, as it unofficially has 310 million monthly active users. Twitter ads are an incredible way to complement your social media efforts. With Twitter advertising you can reach thousands of targeted customers and followers.

    But why do you need to invest in paid twitter ads?

    Organic Reach is Declining
    Recently, Twitter made changes to their feed. Now, instead of getting all the recent tweets, Twitter only shows the tweets that they think are relevant to you.

    Much like what Facebook did with their platform.

    And just a few months ago, Twitter launched Engage, which is for celebrities, influencers, and public figures that’ll curate the most popular tweets, mentions and replies.

    This clearly shows that the reach of social media is plummeting day by day. Considering this scenario, Twitter paid ads is a way to go.

    AdWords and Facebook Ad Costs Are Rising With Each Passing Day
    Just last year, Search Engine Land reported a 20-25% increase in Google AdwWords CPCs. More and more brands are investing in the same keywords, which, of course, increase the competition and thus, the cost.

    While Facebook ads were pretty cheap when they first started offering it, nowadays due to millions of advertisers, its platform is also becoming expensive.

    For instance, Forbes reported a 21% increase in Facebook average ad pricing and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) increased by an incredible 29% rate.

    Considering both these reports, Twitter now looks like the promising ad channel. Facebook still beats Twitter on average cost per ad, but with some optimization and targeting options you can lower Twitter ad costs, even lower than Facebook.

    Your Customers Spend a Ridiculous Amount of Time on Twitter
    With each passing day, we’re getting more attracted towards social media. While Facebook is a beast with 1.2 billion monthly active users, Twitter’s 310 million monthly active users can’t be neglected.

    According to DMR stats, 34% of active Twitter users log into it more than once in a day.

    Looking at all these points, you’ll know that Twitter advertising is the way to go if you’re looking to make profits online.

    Now let’s learn how to set-up the perfect Twitter ad campaign.

    How to Setup the Perfect Twitter Ad Campaign
    Twitter has a robust advertising platform. However, it is quite difficult to understand if you’re just starting out.

    But don’t worry. Here’s how to setup your first Twitter ad campaign.

    Step 1: Choose your primary objective
    To advertise on Twitter you’ll need to log into your Twitter Ads account. For that head over to and enter your credentials .Now, you’ll need to choose your primary objective. Whether you want to get more leads, more traffic, or just more followers.

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