Report SPAM Posts When You See Them ... Please!?!

Discussion in 'Coupon Forum Information' started by CouponForum, Oct 17, 2011.

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    We are going though the very hard process of cleaning up SPAM posts on this website. It's very important to get rid of these and delete them as they are affecting how the search engines see the website and what quality of information we project out to the world.

    How to report Spam Posts
    Once you identify that a post is spam, or you think that it is spam, it's a simple one-two punch to report the spam for us to look at.

    Step 1 - Click the Report Post icon on the first spam post you see in each thread (or blog post, visitor message or image). It's not necessary to report multiple spam-posts in the same thread - we'll get them all at the same time.

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    Step 2 - Enter a short message (less then 10 words is ok)and click Send Report. This will notify the moderators that there is spam to clean-up on the site and we will take it from there.

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    That's it! I'll show a few different types of spam below.

    Visitor Message Spam
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    Luckily I haven't seen too many. I have see some that post random answers to some of our questions, like they looked up a keyword in a dictionary. I don't remember in which posts, but I'll make sure I mark them!

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