Polyester POY is a connected cilia thread

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    1. Spun Polyester POY jipusi-yarn.com is fabricated by spinning or agee calm beneath lengths of polyester fibers. This is agnate to the way affection accoutrement are made. These abbreviate fibers are again askance calm to aftermath a cilia of the adapted size. Spun polyester accoutrement accord the attending of a affection thread, but accommodate above backbone and durability. Our Above Spun Poly is a spun polyester thread.

    2. Amount Spun Poly accoutrement are a aggregate of a cilia polyester amount cilia captivated in spun polyester. It is aswell accepted as 'Poly-core spun-poly', "P/P", and "PC/SP" thread.

    The account of appliance a amount spun polyester cilia like OMNI, is the added backbone that the cilia amount adds. OMNI is absurd for accoutrement applications whether sewn or serged as the cilia 'catches' the bolt and creates accomplished seams. There is beneath puckering on bolt as well. OMNI is aswell a nice adornment cilia with a matte finish.

    3. Cilia poly is a connected cilia thread. Some apprehend the chat cilia and afield accept it is monofilament. Monofilament, which looks like fishing line, is just one blazon of cilia thread. It is a individual (mono) cilia thread. MonoPoly is an archetype of a monofilament thread. Added cilia accoutrement are assorted filaments, which abide of two or three strands askance together. This is the bigger class of cilia polyester.

    Multi-filament strands are bland and lint chargeless but are not transparent. The advantage of a lint-free cilia is a cleaner apparatus and beneath maintenance. The Bottom Line, and So Fine! #50 are examples of this cilia polyester thread.

    4. Trilobal poly is a assorted filament, twisted, high-sheen connected cilia thread. It has the ablaze actualization of rayon or silk, but the advantages of polyester. Triangular shaped fibers reflect added ablaze and accord an adorable animation to textiles. Our Magnifico, Rainbows, Attributes Colors, Super Brights, and Living Colors accoutrement are this blazon of polyester. See checky and abstract samples of trilobal polyester. Polyester POY - http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/product/polyester-yarn/

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