Moving column vertical mould processing with good price

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    VTC-32 series movable column exchanging worktable of vertical 5 axis machining centers
    It is suitable for box, box cover, Engine cylinder, cylinder cover, gear box, motorcycle chain cover and other products processing; There are three motion coordinates on the column, vertical machining centers to move faster; Switch the table, making the device processing capacity continue ,a device used as two, saving the space of equipment, achieving one person multi machine operation, providing favorable conditions to change operator;

    High-speed tool switch system,provides more clamping and processing time for customers, increases production efficiency more than 3 times; With the perfect combination of the robot hand, to achieve the dream of unmanned production. One company in Shanghai, after the use, highly praised "This is a handy tool for batch processing of small parts".A official of Sino-German joint venture in Jiangsu indicated,during the year of the Western NC’s 5 axis machining center, even the equipment running 24 hours a day, has not a quality problem been found, strenghten the recognition and trust to Western NC brand.

    vertical machining center feature:
    A.High rigidity, long precision retention
    B. High accuracy, high dynamic response characteristics
    C. Good thermal stability
    D. High efficiency
    E. High quality
    F. Large torque

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