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    Internet is a fantastic medium to advertise your business. With more and more platforms to spread the word, making your presence felt online is much easier. Internet also enables you to work from home which is a dream come true for many . Where else could one have flexible work timings, choice to work out of night clothes and an option to take unlimited breaks!!

    But on a serious note, the concept of working from home and internet marketing requires careful planning and systematic approach. To achieve this goal, you need to:

    o Do extensive research to find your competitors and aim to be different.
    o Drive more traffic to your website by ensuring maximum exposure with the help of social networking websites, email marketing, blogging, Google ads, and article marketing. You need to continuously monitor traffic flow to these websites and observe trends.
    o Get evaluated regularly by professionals to enhance your work processes and website.
    o Encourage customer interaction through comments, testimonials, blogs, referral programs, and discussion boards.
    o Keep your network of customers updated by sending weekly or monthly newsletters.
    To attract the global audience you can also explore following avenues:
    o Market your business "offline"- Project your website on mobile advertisements, T.V ads, and business cards.
    o Email marketing - Do not spam or buy email lists. Build your own email database from scratch to have a strong customer base.
    o Referral programs - Have great incentives when a customer refers the business to others.
    o Social networking sites - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other similar social networking websites are a fantastic way to reach out to a wide audience. You can use services, such as Ping that can broadcast updates regularly to these websites.
    o Blogs - A very casual, yet powerful, medium to communicate your business objectives, current happenings, services, and customer feedback. Websites like Blogger, WordPress, and Xanga can be used to showcase the strong points of your business.
    o Article marketing - Give a lot of information about your business. At the same time keep it short and simple. The reader - future customer, needs to be the main objective . Get listed in major article directories like ezinearticles, buzzle, and articlesbase.
    o RSS feeds - Use them in your website to keep your customers updated about the latest news, offers, and any other information that you would like to share.

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