How Adidas Originals uses social media to drive sales

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    The brand has come a long way since the term adidas was coined. Maybe this was something that only occurred in my school,adidas originals honey mid but it was used to denote somebody who typically wore unfashionable sportswear or offensively white trainers.

    Interestingly, Adidas Originals now has more followers on Twitter than the main Adidas account,adidas honey 2.0 slip on cementing its position as a truly cult lifestyle brand. On the flip side, this also proves that it is definitely doing something right on social.

    Social media is a natural extension of Adidas’s wider approach to marketing, especially when it comes to creating hype around its high-profile collaborations.Since the brand famously snatched Kanye West from Nike in 2014,adidas original honey it has carefully crafted a series of product launches, cleverly building on the rapper's wider and fanatical fan base.

    Tweeting and posting on Instagram in the run-up to shoe releases, the brand creates massive excitement and interest from followers.Meanwhile,adidas originals honey low from Pharrell Williams to Stella McCartney, Adidas Originals is also shrewd in terms of how it collaborates with high profile personalities. Unlike other brands, who might merely use celebrities to front campaigns, Adidas put a huge focus on the personal and direct involvement of influencers in the actual designing process.

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