Cnsuperpower may be the first year of the Log Splitter

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    5, the spring can not start

    After the winter, such as poor maintenance Log Splitter can not start in the spring, the reasons and countermeasures have the following:

    (1) may be the first year of the oil tank is not exhausted, so check whether the oil is qualified fresh oil;

    (2) its role is to send high-voltage wire (fire mouth) pulse high-voltage discharge, breakdown of the spark plug between the two electrodes, resulting in spark to ignite the cylinder of the mixed gas. A lot of idle instability, jitter, acceleration bad, lack of power, frequent idle idling phenomenon, oil, gas consumption increased. This is due to the damage caused by the spark plug. Such as spark plugs dirty, clean, serious damage, need to replace the same type of accessories. If you can not ignite, you can adjust the spark plug electrode gap, 0.6-0.9mm in winter, the other season is 0.9-1.0mm;

    (3) if it is gasifier in the previous year before the fuel is not burned before the gasifier should be cleaned (must ask the professional cleaning);

    (4) to send professional shop maintenance.

    The lawnmower engine carburetor.

    6, muffler smoke blue smoke

    Log Splitter

    The above fault Forest King Log is caused by the participation of the oil in the combustion. Find the fault after the first check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. Such as excessive, let go of excess oil and then run ten minutes. If the fault persists, the engine needs to be serviced.

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