Adidas Is Giving You Something Special With Every Purchase

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    Sneakers aren’t just rubber and fabric adidas originals superstar anymore, and a new type of swoosh or logo can only take you so far. These days, shoes lace themselves at the press of a button, and some are even crafted out of liquid. Now, Adidas is joining the high-tech fray with footwear that’s literally chiseled by light and oxygen, dubbed the Futurecraft 4D.

    Futurecraft 4D is the first piece of footwear made with an innovative manufacturing technique called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS). Adidas partnered with 3D printing upstart Carbon who pioneered the new method. DLS allowed Adidas to manipulate adidas originals sneakers a host of small details, which let the legendary footwear company craft a running shoe wholly different than anything it’s ever manufactured. With the help of 17 years of running data and roughly 50 different prototypes, Adidas is ready to show the world what it’s cooked up.

    After Adidas officially unveiled the Futurecraft 4D, Digital Trends got its hands on one of the 300 pairs the company doled out ahead of adidas originals stan smith its upcoming fall release. To give them a true run for their money, we decided to lace them up and run through the streets of New York City to see how far into the future these kicks go.Adidas, more than any sneaker brand ever, knows the connection between sports and lifestyle, and the company has put a lot of faith in artists collaborations lately. The latest doesn't come in the form of a shoe, rather it's a project between the The Brand With Three Stripes and Dan Freebairn, the artist better known as Kickposters.

    According to Freebairn, everyone who makes adidas zx nederland a purchase from in a European country (for now) will receive a piece of his artwork. He goes on to say, "The reverse side of the card highlights a URL, Here people can see all the available designs, check to see which cards they are missing and in time discover new designs."

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