A Guide to Choosing Ice Machines

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    Manufacturers often rate their ice makers commercial capacity under perfect conditions (ie. the water temp is cold and ambient temp is at 70). This is not the case in most operations, and actual production is typically 20% less. So choose at least one size larger than what you think you need. It’s also good insurance to have the extra capacity if the business is successful.
    Choose an oversized storage bin, because bins will never be allowed to be completely filled up by the commercial ice makers for sale. When the sheets of ice cubes are harvested, there needs to be enough room in the bin so the the ice breaks into cubes on impact. Also, an oversized bin only adds a small amount to the price but leaves you with the capacity to have machine produce and hold more ice overnight. Ice will stay frozen in the bin most of the day.
    Opt for multiple commercial undercounter ice maker to tackle the overload if you have lots of traffic during peak business hours. This helps to disperse the flow of traffic and improves workplace efficiency. If you’re truly set on one commercial countertop ice maker, you can also opt for smaller mobile undercounter storage bins to be filled before rush hour and used for peak times only!

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