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    Hi all

    I'm writing in this forum to tell a very short story about my encounter in the woods.

    I live in a rural area B.C Canada. A few days ago I was practicing some bushcraft skills a few hundred meters from my back yard (very thick forest).
    I encountered a cougar but was able to scare if off.

    Usually I don't carry any self defence items into the forest (except knife and axe of course). I do not carry a gun.

    Last year a friend of mine gave me an item for christmas. This item is supposed to be designed for urban use and for some reason I decided to bring this item with me on this day....lucky I did. what I brought is a Ultra Urban by a company called Salus. It's basically a rape preventer type device but I can tell you....it also works really well in the woods.

    It helped me big time so i though I'd post it here for other people to think about and maybe use instead of a lethal weapon.

    Here's a link to this thing.
    Promo code: November

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