Vacuum Pump 2FV6 Series

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    Structure and characteristics:

    1, Pump impellers are directly installed onto the motor axes, save space, easy to install, easy to maintain and repair;
    2, We use imported mechanical seal as a standard configuration;
    3, Pump sets cavitation protection tube. While the pump is working under the utmost pressurein, protection tube can reduce harm to pump from cavitation erosion and reduce noise and vibration;
    4, A unique flexible air vent, it can ensure max efficiency of FV5;
    5,Y2 series motors used, protetcion level: IP54/IP55(usually IP44). Insulation level is F(usually B);
    6, SKF bearing;
    7,2FV series use PTFE as sealing elementts that life cycle can be greatly extend;
    8,Impeller: aluminum bronze or SS304 stainkess steel or SS316L
    9,Optional materials of pump body: cast iron; SS304 stainless steel; SS316L;
    10, Ultimate cacuum: 3.3KPa;
    11,Working fluid closed cycle unit can be provided;
    12, Pump can be configured with dual-use unit forms;

    13, PLC automation control cabinet can be configured.
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